This is a blog in progress, or dare I say, “f-blog” because there are so many  F-words that could rightfully fill in the blank. However, allow me to exclude  the mother daddy of “F” words because I am NOT that kind of lady, and also,  because I have children in the house. With that said,   I am never above  a fart joke.  And if you think about it, “fblog” does  sound a bit flatulent.  Whoever doesn’t get a chuckle out of a squeaky petard is a ninny.  Also, I have clandestine reason for gravitating  in this direction, but I wont speak of it yet. Meanwhile, this is  a place of wit, whimsy, and whatnot until further notice. (With potential to explode due to fire within, but that is for later.    : )

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, I like to make smiley faces using colons and parentheses…  I think it’s a cool subtle trick to combine a grammatically correct  use of parentheses with an errant colon to make a smiley face.  It could be quixotic use of a meme, or   resourceful gesture of joy.   If I am going to use the right-hand parentheses anyhow,  why not add the colon to make it a happy parentheses and be uplifting? It’s like Bob Ross’s happy clouds, except they are happy parentheses. See? It’s fun!  🙂   (There! I did it again! : )

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