Welcome to my F-blog!

“F” yeah! What does F-blog even mean? There are limitless possibilities! My “Effen” blog? Or Flowery blog? (For the record, I don’t have flowery ideas at the moment, but I know I am capable of flowers.) Fedora blog sounds cool. I like the idea of wearing many hats. Or Fiduciary blog, but I don’t know if that is even a word because I can’t look it up because I am crouched in my bathroom because I told my family I was going to sleep, and I don’t have my phone with me to google what “fiduciary” even means.  (I hand-wrote this post on toilet paper, and am re-entering it now, because I can’t have my cell-phone in our bedrooms for fear of EMF radiation. But when we get “F”araday cages for our beds, then I can take my phone anywhere and I can update from any bathroom, even upstairs. YAY! : )  But I did like the idea of “F”educiary. It sounds cool and “F”ancy too. (Sorry for over-use of parantheses and going back and forth in tense…I hand wrote this a while ago on a toilet, and am now translating it in the present. But I guess that is not too “F”ar “F”etched if it is true that there is no past and no “F”uture, and only NOW… But I digress in these cosmic concerns.) (And also apologize for over-use of quotes.)

But also, F-blog sounds like a phonetic spelling of a fart. “Fblog!” I sketched a graphic in my journal of a stick figure with gas bubble bursting from his gluteous maximus, but the picture is not worth scanning. I am sure you get the picture. I kinda like this idea though.

What I did have in mind for my “F-blog” is that it’s a “F”ake blog. Calling it fake takes the pressure off of calling it a real blog, because, “HEY!” I never claimed that this is (was) a real “blog.”  It’s my own “EFF”en blog, and I can write what I want. I don’t have to worry about “keeping it real.” …If I allow myself to “keep it fake,” I am hoping that I allow some “realness” to sneak in. So that is what I am going for. I am not trying to trick any potential readers. I am just tricking myself to do something. Anything. Whether it’s real or fake. Its a fblog. So give me a break.